The house is falling down.
Let’s paint the walls.
There are termites in the attic
which explains water in the basement.
Let us decorate with pictures of sound houses,
hanging blueprints and architectural renderings.

The nails pound easily.
Think of the strength of damp sponges.
The hinges on the front door are frozen
half open which equals half closed.

The screens on the windows are so finely woven
the air in the house is severely strained;
oxygen scarce, nitrogen scarce,
hydrogen barely in the bath.

A savage breeze blows down through the chimney.
“Nothing can be done,” the repairman announces
as he ascends with cold smoke up the flue.

The porch planks are solid,
yet the steps warp above the doorsill
making it necessary to climb
up and down to get in or out.

Jesus practiced tikkun
in a house like this.
tikkun = a Hebrew word meaning fixing/repairing/rectifying the world