A horse grazes in a field among blossoms
as a bee alights on a sun seed bloom.

The horse sees a blur of translucent wings
pass the brown window of her dreamy eye.

The horse considers the way of the bee,
its lightness, its floral life, its honeyed
household in the swarming city of wax.

The bee admires the horse’s mane,
the exalted gallop in Elysian fields,
its leisured drift through green pastures.

Curious, the bee loiters at the horse’s ear.
With a twitch the horse makes sure their
customs and habits are respectfully kept apart.

Horse and bee live in a commonwealth of luxury
yet the horse does not envy the bee’s honey,
nor the bee the horse’s long meadow lope.

After lingering near worlds beyond their own
the horse returns to its meal of grass
and the bee resumes its stamen dance.