Art takes the world apart, then reconstructs it to deliver a fresh intensity of feeling, impression, experience, and possibilities of meaning.

Poetry breaks things.

Like diamonds, poems are hard. They cut into the solid surface of human experience; love, death, anger, euphoria, the sight of oysters glistening on the half shell, the sound of a beaver’s tail slapping against twilight water. A poet is repeatedly broken open by the blunt force of experience, then carefully chooses words to revivify the impact of that moment. The hope is that others might be brought to attention, see through the opaqueness of the accustomed world, receive a jolt of astonishment, and be born into a new and richer known.

The poet uses words to deliver a knowing beyond words.

The poet uses words to deliver a knowing beyond the known.

May these poems and essays take you to places you did not know you needed to go.

fountain pen with flames coming out of it