Warren Gaston

Author, Poet

picture of Warren Gaston on a mountain overlooking a beautiful landscape

I have loved poetry since my teenage years decades ago when I first read Keats and Dickinson and Frost. I enjoyed the way poets sharpen and bind together words, first, to tear open the mended world, and then reveal beneath the repair patch an original astonishment.  Reading poetry aroused in me the urge to write. I began with the sweet rhythmic rhymes of standard juvenilia. As the collision of experience and language continued, my poems took forms more faithful to the punch-and-jab pugilistic nature of life.

“Full of merit, yet poetically, man dwells on this earth.”  

– Friedrich Hölderlin, Poet

Over long years I have resolved to ‘dwell poetically on this earth,’ paying attention to the experience of experience and leaving a trail of notes on what I have discovered.

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